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Dan Baker , PhD

Dan Baker

He served full-time tenured positions at the University of Nebraska Medical College in the Psychiatry and Pediatrics departments, the National Center for Preventative and Stress Medicine in Phoenix, Arizona, and the Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson, Arizona.

He is the founding director of the Health and Healing Center, the Life Enhancement Center and is a founding partner of Healthy Families in Business. He is a pioneer in the study of positive psychology and is the author of three books: What Happy People Know, What Happy Companies Know and What Happy Women Know. 

“Happy employees = enhanced performance, loyalty, stronger teams, and better health. Unhappy employees = poor performance, disloyalty, infighting, and more days off work. Combine loss stoppage with increased profitability and the ROI becomes significant. Positivity can help the bottom line by way of energizing the top line otherwise known as ROP (return on people).”