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Our mission is to improve the lives of adults and children through proven positive psychology and emotional intelligence exercises.

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Improving Performance At Work

Employees are taken through a research-based curriculum. Each program participant completes one assigned activity, records the activity and then has a one-on-one call with a coach. Each activity focuses on developing a specific skill rooted in the research and science of positive psychology and emotional intelligence. Clients complete weekly exercises and then, to ensure accountability and results, each client has a follow-up call with a coach to analyze and discuss each exercise. Each exercise provides the basis for developing healthy life habits that lead to improved performance both in the personal and professional realm.

Help a child in need

With the completion of each weekly activity, a new soccer ball, basketball or football is given to a child in need. In return, the children are asked to complete their own positivity exercise. By giving these balls to children and asking them to partake in their own exercise, we help the children start the process of understanding gratitude and positive psychology.

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